This site is about Canadian postal First Day Cover collecting. The emphasis is on the collecting and cataloguing of Canadian First Day covers.

What a collector wants is a complete catalogue of all covers, detailing everything known from origins, to production including such things as quantities produced and current pricing. This does not exist and quite frankly, if it did there would not be as much interest in the hobby. What the hobbyist wants is a way to find out what is known and to add to the body of knowledge.

The purpose of this site is to present a single source for information about Canadian First Day Covers. This covers quite a bit of ground so it has been organized as follows.

You can follow what's new in Blogs in which members can post their own information about up-coming and recent events such as stamp shows, auctions or acquisitions. I will be using the admin blog to post information about changes to this site, although teasers should show up below.

Covers provides information about Canadian First Day Covers. This collection of articles, catalogues and links deal with covers and cachets and their makers and history.

Collecting contains the material regarding collecting and collections without reference to particular covers. This is the place we provide links to retailers, auctions sites and member offers.

Gallery has pictures of covers and images related to covers. Each member is provided with their own sub-album in the Members album, while more collaborative and organized collections are provided in their own albums. Weekly updates are provided in a list of Gallery Updates.

Discussion is your chance to ask a question. Or to answer one.

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There is no requirement to register if you wish to browse. We welcome your comments and suggestions on any of the material presented.

The October to December 2020 issue #44 of First Impressions is now available

There is an abundance of useful material in this issue, leading off with the first article in Bob Vogel’s new series about commercial FDCs published for Atlas Chemical. John van der Ven also deals with a commercial producer, Royal Trust. A Sparks Auctions ad for John’s pre-1960s covers expands on the ad which appeared in our last issue. For those of you who are well-healed, there is an exciting lot of more than 400 hand-painted cachets that would be a delight to acquire.

The July to September 2020 issue #43 of First Impressions is now available

In this issue, Donald LeBlanc reviews a beautiful set of cachets made by Catherine Schnurr for the 1939 Royal Visit issue as a prelude to a book currently in press. The BNAPS announcement of the book follows Donald’s article.

The April to June 2020 issue #42 of First Impressions is now available

This issue contains two short articles about a singular commercial FDC and a cachet for the St. Lawrence Seaway joint issue of 1959. There is a lengthier overview of the cachets produced for the unwanted and unloved Karsh definitive issue of 1953, and reviews of two new BNAPS publications dealing with collecting and cataloguing Canadian FDCs. Member Michael Pierce writes: 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of 1970 Christmas issue that were designed by Canadian school children.

The January to March 2020 issue #41 of First Impressions is now available

For this issue, thanks to John van der Ven as always for bringing us informative articles on some unique covers as well as the detective work that went into them. Bob Vogel has tamed up with Andrew Chung on a new project to complement the Catalog of Official First Day Covers and needs our assistance. Michael Pierce sent along an interesting collection and describes his sleuthing efforts as well. Finally, we have an announcement for two new BNAPS Books by Gary Dickinson.

The July to September 2019 issue #40 of First Impressions is now available

Articles in this issue include a history of Allard Brophey - one of the more important early collectors of Canadian FDCs. Gary Dickinson contributes an interesting article on an Eppstadt cover that surfaced fifty years after the originals. Finally, an informative discovery by Russell Smith that explains the reason for Artcraft having two varieties of their cachet for the 1953 Karsh definitive issue.

The April to June 2019 issue #39 of First Impressions is now available

In this issue, there is a lead article from new contributor Norbert Hobrath, a collector who specializes in Confederation issues describing a really interesting early use of the issue. John van der Ven continues his prolific philatelic efforts with an article on a very (apparently) short lived cachet maker and his accompanying research.

The January to March 2019 issue #38 of First Impressions is now available

In this first issue under new editor George Basher, John van der Ven has a terrific article regarding the hand painted FDCs of Ralph Dyer. John did extensive research on this gifted artist whose work spans nearly 50 years. Gary Belyea adds to the knowledge base for storage of FDCs, and Gary Dickinson has an interesting article about FDCs currently being produced by 3Angry Cats at Carrying Place.

Finally, member Ken Thibault has a question for the group regarding Softones cachets.

The October to December 2018 issue #37 of First Impressions is now available

The lead article in this issue describes the cachets for Canadian FDCs produced by Oregon residents Al and Arlene Van Dahl. Few cachets were more ubiquitous during the 1950s and 1960s, but they haven’t been subjects of much study to this point. Some collectors may now find them worthy of a closer look.

The July to September 2018 issue #36 of First Impressions is now available

The first and last articles in this issue foretell some gloomy endings for first day cover collectors and postage stamps. I would appreciate receiving comments on the “extinct species” piece and will use some, either anonymous or attributed as you would prefer, in the next issue. I’d also appreciate your thoughts on the “collect and store” item.

The April to June 2018 issue #35 of First Impressions is now available

The four main articles in this issue examine different aspects of the products of four makers of Canadian FDC cachets ranging from the very familiar to the almost unknown. Leading off is George Basher’s exploration of the origins of Caneco cachets followed by Gary Dickinson’s review of the general purpose cachets produced by the U.S. firm Artopages for Canadian stamp issues.

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