So what have I been up to?

Most of my effort has been in the Gallery section of the web site. With over a dozen contributing members, there are now more than 12,000 images to view. If you are in the mood for browsing, there's lots to look at.

March 27 - Critical Mass

The Gallery is reaching a critical mass - over 10,000 images. Thanks to those contributing and a nudge to those who are still waiting. The FDC Specialist - Marcel Cools publication is slowly growing - check out the Covers section.
It's time for the next steps - cataloguing. I've started a Topic in the Discussion forum - please stop by and give us your thoughts. There's another one for general web content - let us know what else you think should be on the site.

Finally, some updates to the web page

I've finally gotten around to updating the web pages to act as more than promises. My attention has been on the Gallery and we have passed the 6,000 mark. Keep up the loading, maybe we can inspire more people to join in.

With the large number of covers, researchers will find it hard to locate particular covers. I expect we will need to think about indexing the collection at some point. I've started some experiments using keywords. We will also need to figure out how to mark new entries, so people can limit their searches when they come back.

Every dog has its day, and every account has its blog.

Registering a new account means that you are entitled to produce content. There is a prompt to create entries on your own blog when you check out your account. Any material you create will show up in the Blogs section of the web site. I may try to create more controls to limit views, but for now, it makes a great place for people to explain who they are, what they would like to see in the web site or progress on projects they are undertaking.

The Canada FDC web site

As you can see, we have a web site. I've experimented enough to figure that this software will allow us to do what is required to provide a premier site for Canadian First Day Covers. That said, there is still a lot of work to be done.

The site is definitely under construction. I will be making changes to it live, so be prepared for changes. Once we have figured out what we want and where it goes, changes will be more managed.

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