Uploading Images

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When you register for a Gallery account at CanadaFDC, you are provided with your own album. The purpose of the album is for you to upload images related to Canadian First Day Covers. These would normally be scanned images of covers from your collection, but we also have cachet maker logos, artist images and catalogue pages.

The gallery provides registered viewers with up to three scales. When viewing an album, a small thumbnail image is presented, with the title and summary. If the picture is selected, a larger image is provided, along with the full description. If this image is selected, the image is presented at its full resolution, as scanned.

When loading images, only the full resolution scan is required. Gallery generates the additional images. My preference is to scan at 300 dpi. This gives sufficient detail to identify most stamp varieties or to determine if a smudge is part of cachet or part of the scan. This provides images that are about 1950 by 1100 pixels and range in size from 200K to 600K bytes (due to complexity of the image and number of colours). While space is not likely to be an issue on the web site, greater detail comes at the price of longer times for your upload and viewer’s download.

You can add additional sub-albums to your album, to organize the images in whatever manner you choose. These albums can be created at any time and nested many levels deep. Use the “Add Album” option from the left menu to create a new album. The album must exist prior to uploading images to it, you cannot create them on-the-fly.

You upload an image by selecting your album and the Add Items option from the menu on the left.  To upload a few covers at a time, select the ‘From Web Browser’ tab displayed along the top of the window. Select the Browse button to get a directory search of your computer, locate and select (Open) the file you wish to upload. You will be returned to the Add Items page with your selected file listed in the File field. You may enter the caption for the picture in the Caption field under the File field. This text can appear with the image in the album as any combination of the title, summary or description.

If you wish to load two images, there is a second set of File and Caption fields. These may be left blank if you are only uploading a single image. If you want to upload more than two images at a time, select the “More Upload Boxes…” text and add additional pairs of File and Caption fields.

There is one last set of choices to make before starting the upload. Each image also has a title. You may choose to have the file’s name be used as the title, to leave it blank, or to use the Caption value you entered above. This is done in the drop down menu following the “Set item titles from” text at the bottom of the page. There are also check boxes to apply the Caption value to either or both of the summary and the description fields.

To start the upload, click on the Upload button at the bottom of the page. All of the images will be loaded up to your album. As the items are being uploaded, there will be a status pages. When completed, the message will say so. Finally, the page will display the number of images uploaded and the list of names. Clicking on a file name will take you to the image, and clicking on “Add more files” will take you back to the Add Items page and allow you to specify more images to load.

There is a checkbox on the Add Items page that should be left checked – Create Thumbnails. This is the part that generates the smaller images used within the album. It saves doing clean-up work later, so please leave this checked.

Any of the choices you make can be reversed. If you want to change the title, summary or description for the image, simply select the image and the Edit Photo menu option from the left. Even the file name can be changed. To change the album the image is located in, select the image and the Move Photo menu option. You will be allowed to select a destination for the image. Finally, there is always the option of deleting the image entirely by selecting the Delete Photo menu option for the image.

There are some shortcuts if you will be making a number of changes. Several of these options are available in the drop down menu under each entry in the album itself. At the album level, there are options to allow multiple entries to be deleted (Delete Items) to modify the (Edit Captions) title, summary and description for multiple images at a time, or to choose multiple images to be moved (Move Album) from the current album to another album.