Hello, I'm new here

Hi. Glad I found this forum. I don't collect first day covers as a rule, but I've been diving into postally used covers, and have picked up a couple of interesting FDCs along the way. So never say never I suppose.
I have one in particular I wanted to ask about but I don't see how I can post a picture on this page.
Let me describe it.
It has the landscape definitive series from 1972, all five denominations. The cachet is just text and reads:
Canadian Post Office Dept.
Has Decided to Revise Five Values of the Present Regular Issue (their caps)
10c 15c
20c 25c 50c
These are to be Issued Sept. 8th, 1972

It has a Day of Issue slogan cancel.

Is this a Canada Post issued FDC or private issue?
I look forward to your response, and to posting my covers here as my collection grows.