The July to September 2014 issue of First Impressions is now available

The central focus of this issue is on the great diversity and creativity of FDC cachets produced by four relatively unknown makers. Polly Berndt of Hartville, Ohio has produced a relatively small number of colourful, all-over, add-on cachets primarily for stamps issued during the 1960s. J.F. Burns, who may have been a resident of Nelson, B.C., also worked with stamps issued during the 1960s and produced a small number of hand-drawn cachets. A set of hand-drawn and lettered cachets for the Cameo series was posted to, and may have been produced by, the Colliers of Ottawa. These cachets used simple line drawings and hand-printing and script to create an attractive group of FDCs. Finally, the treasure trove of hand-painted covers by T.G. Wolstencroft of Kelowna continues to be unearthed and unveiled.

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