The April to June 2015 issue of First Impressions is now available

Our honorary member Robert L. Markovits recently forwarded to me some of his working papers from the 1969-1970 period when he was seeking pre-1940 first day and early use covers for Melvin Baron to include in his many articles. These papers are stopping over briefly with me en route to the American Philatelic Research Library so that I can publish some items that might be of interest to our members. The first of these, a letter and covers from Robert Cole, appears in this issue and other articles and exhibits will follow in subsequent issues.

Issue 23 also includes the second part of Bob Vogel’s review of some FDCs displaying errors, freaks, and oddities and the final group of T.G. Wolstencroft cachets from the early 1970s. Two ending notes briefly describe a pair of recent BNAPS publications by Study Group members, and ask for information about a cachet that has cropped up under several different guises over a 40 year period.

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