The January to March 2017 issue of First Impressions is now available

The articles in this issue feature three (or five, depending on how they`re counted) cachet makers,
all of whom were most active during the 1950s.

John van der Ven has done a masterful job in tracking and presenting the Canadian
cachets that were produced in small numbers by Portland, OR maker William Linto. Unlike most
cachet makers, Linto kept precise records of his products and catalogued them on his cacheted

The issue of how many cachet makers are represented in this issue crops up in the second
article which discusses the work produced by a Regina-based maker under three different brand
names; Litho Art, Philatelic Supply Company, and Phila Coin. In sharp contrast with Linto, the
Regina cachets are difficult to identify and the number produced as well as the person or persons
who produced them is unknown.

An article by Bob Vogel illustrates a handful of cacheted covers sponsored by the
Kiwanis Club of Edmonton and requests assistance in identifying others.

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