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And the content can be message on the Discussion board, single pages, blogs, books (see Catalogues for a sample 3 page book). And then there's the Gallery, which requires (so far) another id but allows you to upload cover images. I see this as having two parts. Members will each have their own picture gallery that all members can view. A public gallery will have images selected from the member galleries, but will be organized along some these, be it cachet, period of time or subject. The galleries are not very good for text (organizing or searching) so I expect that our cataloguing project will use the books mentioned above.

I'm sorry if there is any confustion by my posting this using my test account. Look for more updates under Doug Holmes.


Peterborough Ontario FDC

I collect the Transorma marks of Peterborough and have heard that a number of FDCs were issued from Peterborough with these marks. I'd be interested in seeing any that exist.

Here is a link to some selected Transorma covers (no fdcs). http://charleslivermore.com/transorma/index.htm

The marks were applied to both incoming and outgoing mail; and, appear to be applied to identify the clerks who sorted the mail. My guess is they were used to evauate the sorting abilities of the clerks as they don't seem to correlate to locations within Peterborough or whether mail was incoming or outgoing.

I'd be interested in seeing any FDCs with these marks.