Event Silks (Type 2)

From the American Revolution Bicentenary Series

Of the 197 Silks issued in this series, 2 Silks bear Canadian stamps and postmarks. The first one bears a postmark date of December 31, 1975, recognizing the  American defeat at the Battle of Quebec. Similarly, the second one bears a postmark date of June 7, 1976 recognizing the American defeat at the Battle of Three Rivers (Trois Rivieres). Details of each battle appear in the lower right hand portion of the Silk.

Queen Elizabeth II Royal Visit to Canada - October 14 - 18, 1977

5 Silks record the details of 5 of the legs of the Queen’s visit and the postmarks are dated accordingly.

Pope John Paul II Visit to Fort Simpson, NT  - September 20, 1987

1 Silk.

Calgary Winter Olympics - February 13 - 28, 1988

19 Silks are included in this very attractive series.  The 4 “1988 Olympic Winter Games” stamps Cat. #’s 1195-8 were used on these Silks.  The pictorial postmarks and the date of the postmark make these Silks unique. The first Silk shows a lit flame in the postmark and a date of February 13 signifying the start of the Games. The next 17 Silks postmarks depict athletes of different sports competitions and the date each competition started. The last Silk shows an unlit flame and the date the Games ended on February 28. 

The following information is taken from The Official Souvenir Program . The games opened February 13 and closed February 28. Pictured below are the 19 Silks issued, showing the special pictorial postmarks designed for the occasion. Under each Silk, the event and its starting time is noted. 

Opening Ceremonies 13:00

Hockey Tournament 14:30

Figure Skating 18:45

Speed Skating 17:00

X-Country Skiing 10:00

Luge 10:00

Ski Jumping 13:30

Alpine Skiing 11:30

Curling 15:00

Bobsleigh 10:00

Biathlon 11:00

X-Country Relay Skiing 10:00

Freestyle Skiing 13:30

Short Track Speed Skating 18:00

Freestyle Skiing (Moguls) 13:30

Nordic Combined 13:30

Nordic Combined Relay 10:00

Freestyle Skiing (Ballet) 14:00

Closing Ceremonies 19:30

All Star Game 1991  -  July 9, 1991

2 Silks.

American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA) Official Show Silks

11 Canadian Silks were chosen as Official ASDA covers as noted below.

  • National Postage Stamp Show, New York, 1978 (1 Silk).
  • National Postage Stamp Show, Canada, 1982 (3 Silks).
  • Interpex, 1984 (3 Silks).
  • National Postage Stamp Show, 1984 (3 Silks).
  • CAPEX ’87 , Toronto, June 13, 1987 (1 Silk).
  • Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation (Duck) stamps

    The first Canadian duck stamp was issued in 1985. Under the Migratory Bird Regulations, a person is required to annually purchase a Duck Stamp at face value and affix it to their hunting license to renew their license. Colorano has produced a Silk for these stamps annually since inception.