Colorano Catalogues

There are 3 Colorano Catalogues in existence at this time. 

Catalog of Colorano ‘Silk’ Cachets

Ray Novak produced annual editions of a catalogue from the early 70's until the 1995 – 1996 edition. The last edition is a 36 pages printed catalogue. This marvellous achievement by a cachet maker is probably unparalleled! Images of the pages relevant to the Canadian operation are provided below. Click on an image for a larger version or see the Gallery for still larger versions.

There are a few Canadian Event Silks listed elsewhere in this catalogue. Incidentally, the Hockey Stars Biographical Series Silks mentioned earler, does not appear to have been listed in this catalogue.



Knottywood Treasures

The second catalogue is fully illustrated and can be accessed online at  The owner of this web site, Rexford Briggs of Atlanta, Georgia, originally planned to set up a complete Colorano catalogue of all issues. This author learned of this situation in 2005 and offered help for the Canadian section of the catalogue. This resulted in scanned images of 712 Silks being sent to Rex by this author and added to this catalogue.

Canada FDC

The third catalogue is fully illustrated with many of the same images as those appearing in the Knottywood Treasures web site. It can be accessed online at, in the Gallery, under Member Albums, Gord Payne. The images are organized by year of issue. Alternatively, this shortcut should take you there.