So what have I been up to?

Most of my effort has been in the Gallery section of the web site. With over a dozen contributing members, there are now more than 12,000 images to view. If you are in the mood for browsing, there's lots to look at.
However, if you are looking for something in particular, the organization is not very useful. Each member organizes and labels their collection in a manner that suits them, and I am not one to stifle creativity. So to help those who are more focused in their viewing, I have created a special album called FDC Cachet Catalogues. My goal is to have it contain an image of every cachet, organized by cachet maker.
The album is there now but is a work in progress. I have gone through the entire set of Member's covers and made copies of those with cachets. I have created albums for many of the identified cachet makers and placed the images in the appropriate albums. It sounds like I should be done, but I've really only just started. There are a few 'little' details to attend to.

  • I placed cover images based on select words in the titles, descriptions and even file names. There will be mistakes.
  • Each member's interpretation of cachet maker may be different. Sometimes they were describing artists, who may have worked for multiple cachet manufacturers.
  • The albums have not been cleared of duplicates. The focus of this catalogue is on cachets only. It will be the work of other catalogues (and suggestions are welcome) to present other views of the hobby. This effort will be somewhat frustrated by the lack of definition for a cachet and its variations.
  • Some albums are more general themes than actual cachet makers. For example, one album is called Philatelic Societies. It was just easier than having a separate album for each while I was sorting. These need to be subdivided.
  • Thee is one very large album called "unknown". Some of these are known, but were not by either the original member or by myself as I created the album. I figured that once the known makers had been identified, the next step will be to eliminate the 'known' unknowns, as well as the duplicates and start into grouping and identifying these.
  • Members are still joining and existing members are still contributing covers, so the catalogue is not even up to date. I am able to identify new contributions and will be setting up an album just to contain new cover images that need to be checked against the catalogue to see if it offers a new cachet or not.
  • The descriptions of the cachets is pretty much non-existent. A standard form of describing the cachets is required and then applied to each cachet.
  • Finally, the ultimate goal, a numbering scheme. There have been many attempts at and suggestions for numbering covers or cachets. Once the collection is more stable and there are enough examples of the problems to be faced by any such scheme, a method can be chosen and applied.
  • So while the Cachet Catalogue exists, there is still a lot of work to be done. Please be patient, or better yet, helpful. Reviewers, editors and experts will all be required. Make yourself known to if you have an interest in this catalogue.

    It is also worth mentioning that this has been my focus, because it is my interest. If you have suggestions for other catalogues, articles or pursuits, I would be happy to provide the space and set you on the path.