The October to December 2018 issue #37 of First Impressions is now available

The lead article in this issue describes the cachets for Canadian FDCs produced by Oregon residents Al and Arlene Van Dahl. Few cachets were more ubiquitous during the 1950s and 1960s, but they haven’t been subjects of much study to this point. Some collectors may now find them worthy of a closer look.

Greg Joughin, who might be described as an adherent rather than a member of the study group, shares with us his approach to storing his FDCs in response to a request for such information in Issue 36, while Michael Pierce describes some Christmas FDCs bearing the Westerwood brand name, another one associated with Unicover Corporation whose roster also included Fleetwood and Kingswood. Michael also shares several hand-made cachets produced by a Calgary dentist.

Members Bob Vogel and Gary Dickinson have both published BNAPS handbooks about FDCs featuring Caneco and H&E products for the autumn season. These are both noted within.

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