The January to March 2021 issue #45 of First Impressions is now available

There are two contributions from John van der Ven in this issue. The first reviews an unexpectedly large number of Fidelity General Utility cachets that heretofore have not been gathered in one place. His other presence is with a mis-printed Ken Boll cachet for Cachet Craft. In case you haven’t seen it yet, the second part of John’s FDC collection is up for sale by Sparks Auctions via the Stamp Auction Network. It includes his FDCs from 1960 onwards.

Bob Vogel presents the second in his series on commercial FDCs with a detailed analysis of those attributable to Gaylord Products of Canada Ltd. Charles Verge’s examination of three covers from the 1959 Seaway issue completes the trio of substantive articles in Issue 45.

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