Finally, some updates to the web page

I've finally gotten around to updating the web pages to act as more than promises. My attention has been on the Gallery and we have passed the 6,000 mark. Keep up the loading, maybe we can inspire more people to join in.

With the large number of covers, researchers will find it hard to locate particular covers. I expect we will need to think about indexing the collection at some point. I've started some experiments using keywords. We will also need to figure out how to mark new entries, so people can limit their searches when they come back.

I've been thinking about pricing information in catalogues. To that end, I've tried taking offers of covers on sale and putting them, along with the prices, in the Gallery. At some point we'll be able to get rid of the images and simply track prices, but until we have a more complete way to describe covers (from stamps and their configurations) to cancels and condition, it is easier to just upload the sale image. Take a look in the Shared Albums section of the Gallery.

I have also uploaded a couple of publications we have permission for - some King George VI monographs and the FDCSG's newletter First Impressions and the earlier incarnation Cachets. We are also working on getting the Marcel Cool newsletter there as well.

Hopefully, you will have a lot of suggestions (and material) for me to add to this site. Remember to let us know what you think - either by email (, by commenting on articles or contributing to the Forum.