The Canada FDC web site

As you can see, we have a web site. I've experimented enough to figure that this software will allow us to do what is required to provide a premier site for Canadian First Day Covers. That said, there is still a lot of work to be done.

The site is definitely under construction. I will be making changes to it live, so be prepared for changes. Once we have figured out what we want and where it goes, changes will be more managed.

Before we worry about catalogues, I want to make sure there were three key elements in place - some fixed pages to explain what is going on, a place to work with FDC images (the Gallery) and a place for feedback (Discussion). The Gallery is ready for some experimentation by the BNAPS FDCSG, the Discussion should work.

You'd probably be surprised at what is hard to do, and what is easy. Most of what is hard is actually just buried and is easy to accomplish. So feel free to make comments and suggestions, nothing is likely to be outrageous. I'll answer the questions I can, fix the things that are broken and track the work to be done.

I'll be using my blog to track changes to the web site.


New website

Will keep a eye on the site until I can figure out if I can help. Earle