What should be available on the site?

I created this site, because I couldn't find the answer to the question - How many RoseCraft cachets are there?
I still don't have the answer, but hopefully this site provides a place to ask the question. Or if you know - to provide the answer. The Gallery provides a place to store cover images and build up catalogues, but there is more to First Day Covers than pictures and lists.
What did you hope was going to be here when you came? What do you have to share?

This FDC Site

...is an incredibly rich trove of resources. Thank you for setting it up.

Is this study group active?

Are we active . . .

Depends on your definition. Most of the activity has been on the Gallery, with several members posting 1,000's of covers. My focus has been on trying to organize a Cachet catalogue.

Not a lot of activity in the information sections of the web yet. A new article on Colorano covers and a couple of comments. I hope to spend more time once the Gallery is rolling better.

My apologies for the late reply. There is a lot of spam activity and your comment had been lost in the morass.

Some questions

At this point, I have a lot of questions and few answers. Here's a few of them.

  • How do you organize First Day Covers? What are the relevant parts in a description? What is the taxonomy? Biology based it's taxonomy on observable charateristics but there are new taxonomies based on shared DNA. What differentiates two covers?
  • If we had a master catalogue of all the Canadian First Day Covers - what would the table of contents look like? Do we start with cachets and sort by makers (where known) and lump the unknowns together? Is there a separate section for uncacheted covers? Do we sort by stamp issue within cachet maker and have a large index or should we organize by stamp from the beginning?
  • Are there time points where different approaches make sense - pre-cachet, early private cachet, commercial golden age, early Canada Post and post-Canada Post?
  • Does anyone collect all of the different stamp issues on a particular generic cachet? I have a collection of hundreds of FDCs on my own private cachet - same cachet. How many entries should this get in the catalogue? Each cover is essentially unique - should they even be in the catalogue? But then again, most of the earliest FDCs are unique. There is obviously a difference in their criteria for inclusion in a catalogue - but what is it?
  • Who decides?