A stamp dealer’s booth at CAPEX’87 held in downtown Toronto introduced me to Colorano Silks. I was immediately fascinated by them and decided to start a Canadian collection.


However, it wasn’t until five years later that a Colorano stamp dealer, Jean Dallaire (Zimo Stamps) in Sherbrooke, Quebec, was found. For the next 10 years, my collection was steadily put together with Jean’s reliable help.


Since then, I have had the good fortune to get to know Colorano’s originators, Ray and Jennie Novak, through many letters, e-mails and telephone calls over the last several years. Ray has been most helpful in supplying additional material (Original Paintings and missing Silks) and information and pictures of some of the commissioned Artists.


The Novaks’ many spectacular achievements over the years are a testament to their creativity and dedication to Colorano.  I daresay that through their efforts, they have provided countless hours of enjoyment to Colorano’s clientele.


Also, thanks to Rexford Briggs of , Atlanta, Georgia for allowing me the opportunity of helping him to complete his online Canadian Colorano Catalogue.


And, finally, thanks to Doug Holmes of Winnipeg, Manitoba for the excellent work he has done as webmaster.


Gordon Payne                                                                             October 15, 2010