This site is about Canadian postal First Day Cover collecting. The emphasis is on the collecting and cataloguing of Canadian First Day covers.

What a collector wants is a complete catalogue of all covers, detailing everything known from origins, to production including such things as quantities produced and current pricing. This does not exist and quite frankly, if it did there would not be as much interest in the hobby. What the hobbyist wants is a way to find out what is known and to add to the body of knowledge.

The purpose of this site is to present a single source for information about Canadian First Day Covers. This covers quite a bit of ground so it has been organized as follows.

You can follow what's new in Blogs in which members can post their own information about up-coming and recent events such as stamp shows, auctions or acquisitions. I will be using the admin blog to post information about changes to this site, although teasers should show up below.

Covers provides information about Canadian First Day Covers. This collection of articles, catalogues and links deal with covers and cachets and their makers and history.

Collecting contains the material regarding collecting and collections without reference to particular covers. This is the place we provide links to retailers, auctions sites and member offers.

Gallery has pictures of covers and images related to covers. Each member is provided with their own sub-album in the Members album, while more collaborative and organized collections are provided in their own albums. Weekly updates are provided in a list of Gallery Updates.

Discussion is your chance to ask a question. Or to answer one.

About Us tells you more about the site and the people behind it. If you are interested in getting involved, this is where you can find out about how you can help.

There is no requirement to register if you wish to browse. We welcome your comments and suggestions on any of the material presented.

The April to June 2016 issue of First Impressions is now available

This issue contains three articles and several short notices, all of which cover a broad range of topics that you may find to be of interest. The articles deal with FDCs for stamp #CE4 in response to a request from the late Bob Markovits for information about them, with the cachets produced by Robert Cole for Fred Harford, and with five stamp issues in consecutive years that highlighted the work of three private cachet makers and the official versions produced by CPO.

The January to March 2016 issue of First Impressions is now available

We are fortunate in this issue to have extracts from presentations made by two of our members at recent meetings and exhibits. Some highlights of Andrew Chung’s collection of errors, freaks, and oddities from Canada Post FDCs are shown along with selected pages from Brainard Fitzgerald’s exhibit of FDCs for the 1937 King George VI coronation issue.

The October to December 2015 issue of First Impressions is now available

This issue contains two major articles. One is your editor’s effort to document all of the FDCs produced by the Fulton Stamp Company in the late 1940s and the other is an update by John van der Ven on his earlier study of the cachets made by Gordon Bazeley. As the latter article is by its nature a personal memoir, John asked that it be published “as written,” so that is what I’ve done.

The July to September 2015 issue of First Impressions is now available

The two feature articles in this issue explore the varieties to be found in the early Canada Post official FDCs and written exchanges between Montreal stamp dealer and FDC maker Joseph C. Rosenbaum and one or our honorary members Robert L. Markovits. Also from the Markovits archives are two Canada Post announcements pertaining to the 1935 Silver Jubilee issue. Also included are an unusual usage of an Eppstadt cacheted cover and a review of a book about U.S. cachet maker Dorothy Knapp’s hand-painted FDCs which included several Canadian stamp issues.

The April to June 2015 issue of First Impressions is now available

Our honorary member Robert L. Markovits recently forwarded to me some of his working papers from the 1969-1970 period when he was seeking pre-1940 first day and early use covers for Melvin Baron to include in his many articles. These papers are stopping over briefly with me en route to the American Philatelic Research Library so that I can publish some items that might be of interest to our members. The first of these, a letter and covers from Robert Cole, appears in this issue and other articles and exhibits will follow in subsequent issues.

The January to March 2015 issue of First Impressions is now available

The three articles in this issue include another round of cachets produced by T.G. Wolstencroft in the early 1970s and presented here by John Van der Ven. Gary Dickinson reviews cachets for the joint Canada-United States 1976 U.S. Bicentennial issue which highlighted Benjamin Franklin. In his extensive search for hitherto undiscovered cachets, Bob Vogel has encountered a substantial number of FDC miscues which are presented here and will be concluded in the next issue.

See the Covers page for links to all of the issues.

The October to December 2014 issue of First Impressions is now available

This issue features three articles including the fourth in a series about the cachets produced by Kelowna’s T.G. Wolstencroft. The number of known cachets by this hitherto unknown maker continues to expand, so John Van der Ven is attempting to keep us up to date. The efforts of the Windermere and District Historical Society to produce and distribute FDCs for the David Thompson issues of 1957 is chronicled by Gary Dickinson, and Bob Vogel reviews letter cards produced by the Folkard Company and used as FDCs.

The July to September 2014 issue of First Impressions is now available

The central focus of this issue is on the great diversity and creativity of FDC cachets produced by four relatively unknown makers. Polly Berndt of Hartville, Ohio has produced a relatively small number of colourful, all-over, add-on cachets primarily for stamps issued during the 1960s. J.F. Burns, who may have been a resident of Nelson, B.C., also worked with stamps issued during the 1960s and produced a small number of hand-drawn cachets. A set of hand-drawn and lettered cachets for the Cameo series was posted to, and may have been produced by, the Colliers of Ottawa.

The April to June 2014 issue of First Impressions is now available

The lead item consists mainly of a series of scans of covers made by renowned U.S.
cachet maker Ludwig Staehle. His grandson is working to preserve the Staehle legacy, and
agreed to share material that would be of interest to collectors of BNA. Robert Markovits has
presented a challenge to the FDCSG members to “collect complete sets” on FDCs, and Gordon
Payne provided us with some colorful, occasionally spectacular, cachets for U.S. wildlife stamps
that were originally released at CAPEX ’87 in Toronto.

The October-December, 2013 issue of First Impressions is now available.

This issue features article on three diverse topics. Harold Houston has provided an overview of the cachets sponsored by the Brockville-Prescott Stamp Club, and raises the prospect of other members doing similar articles about their own groups that have undertaken similar projects. Gary Dickinson outlines the various cachet makers who produced FDCs for stamps issued that featured topics related to the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Finally, John Van der Ven takes a close look at the general purpose cachets made by Toronto resident Gordon Bazeley

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